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On behalf of the staff, pupils, parents and governors, I would like to welcome you and your family to Primrose Hill School. If your child is to join us for the first time we welcome you as parents and hope that you will soon feel part of our friendly and caring school community.

Our school is one in which we take a great deal of pride. Our core beliefs centre on providing a happy, safe, secure and supportive learning environment where good order and discipline are preserved to enable your child to achieve academic and personal excellence.

We believe in teamwork, where all members of our community are valued. The staff are one part of our team. They are all hardworking and committed; we expect nothing less. Parents form the second part of our team, working with their own child and supporting school in a host of other ways in order to help all of our children reach their true potential. The last and most important members of our team are our pupils who are encouraged to participate fully in the extensive programme of events and opportunities we offer.

Confidence in a school comes from knowing and understanding what is happening within it. This website provides information you may require initially but it is only through personal contact with myself and the staff that mutual trust and understanding can develop, which should be the basis of our shared responsibility.

Mr G Caunce



We live in an increasingly competitive world where pupils compete on a global stage to gain employment. At Primrose Hill we endeavour to deliver a curriculum that equips pupils for the world of 21st century work. We believe in delivering Quality First Teaching to provide pupils with the very best education. We are investing heavily in ICT, equipping pupils with the skills to become proficient in the digital world in which we live.

We also believe in educating pupils to lead a healthy lifestyle and want our pupils to be as fit and healthy as possible, after all a healthy body equals a healthy mind. We are currently using sports premium funding to provide pupils with high quality sports coaching and competition. In addition we want pupils to understand that the world around us is not an infinite resource and we aim to develop an awareness of sustainable living wherever possible. We utilise outdoor learning opportunities to raise pupils’ awareness of our environment and are very proud of our ‘eco school’ status.

Finally, we believe that pupils achieve best when they are supported by parents and carers. We passionately believe in the importance of ‘working together to make a difference’ and we try and involve families in school life wherever possible. In addition to parent workshops, which we host regularly in order to provide information on how to support your child with their learning, our PTFA deliver a plethora of social events for families to engage in school life. This helps to create a wonderful sense of community at Primrose Hill and makes it a very special place for everyone connected with our school.

We are passionate about our vision and firmly believe it will allow pupils to develop a confidence and enthusiasm for learning and indeed life – an outlook that will help them to succeed in whatever they choose to do in the future.

OFSTED Outstanding

“Euxton Primrose Hill is an outstanding school. It offers the highest standard of care, alongside excellence in learning”

Visitors are always welcome and you are invited to look around the school, meet the staff and children and discover the warm, friendly atmosphere of our school.



To view our school in more detail watch the video below

  • As parents nervous of our child starting school for the first time, the minute we stepped into school on a visit, we had never been more sure on where we wanted our child to go to school. The head teacher and staff are fantastic.
  • We are overall happy with the school and think all the teachers are doing a fantastic job. We are proud to be associated with Euxton Primrose Hill Primary School.
  • I am always impressed with how organised school is with releasing dates to parents in advance for upcoming events. As a single working mum this makes life so much easier and enables me to plan in advance. Communication is fantastic!
  • Could think of nowhere else we would have chosen for our daughter to begin her education.
  • This is a wonderful school and my child is happy, safe and loves learning. We are well informed and communication is excellent. There are lots of enrichment opportunities and sporting activities both in and after school. The teachers / Head teacher are dedicated and approachable.
  • Due to the children being previous LAC and selection of the school was something we knew they were priority 1. We wouldn't choose any other school than Euxton Primrose Hill.
  • I feel very fortunate to have my child in a school that cares very deeply for the wellbeing and education of my child. Every member of staff from the head teacher to the dinner ladies cares.
  • We feel extremely lucky that our son has been placed in such a lovely, welcoming and dedicated school. We have only ever heard positive experiences from other families and cannot wait to to see our son grow and develop at Primrose Hill. The resources available to the children are exceptional, the school is well kept, children well behaved and respectful.
  • The school has coped brilliantly as it doubles in size, it still has the connection with parents and the atmosphere of a family. The modern features offers the best space for learning, with the staff making excellent use of the buildings capabilities
  • Euxton primrose hill is a fantastic school. My daughter loves it there. The staff know how to get the best out of the children and encourage them. I will be sorry to see my daughter leave but I am confident that the school has given her all she needs to be well equipped for the next chapter of her academic career and life.
  • Having recently moved my child to Primrose Hill, I am lucky to compare it to his previous well performing school. Primrose is brilliant for it pupils, parents and teachers. Well led dynamic team of teachers, their passion, dedication and efforts are evident to my son and myself. An excellent school!
  • My son is so happy at school. He is comfortable and enjoys learning. His teacher is amazing, pushing him and developing his knowledge and skills. He also accepts with confidence to learn by his mistakes and is no longer fearful to make them.