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Archive for October, 2016

  • Photography club

    Photography club teachs you lots of things but this is my favourite picture of all.

    by Miss McKinley
  • Photography club makes you look strange!!!

    by Miss McKinley
  • Photography club

    Making yourself colourful on aTypo!

    by Miss McKinley
  • You can have a conversation with a gorilla in photography club!

    by Miss McKinley
  • Wednesday Weekly Slide

    19th October 2016

    Parents’ Evening, PTFA Christmas Fair – Cancelled, Walk to School Week, Tempest Photography, Parental Attitude Questionnaire, Halloween Disco, School Pantomime…

  • Year 3 Stone Age food

    The children tried a mix of fruit that was probably available to the hunter-gathers during the Stone Ages. Then they…

    by Mrs Branston
  • A chimpanzee in year 1!

    This morning both year 1 classes came into an unusual sight. The classrooms were a mess, with chairs turned over…

  • Instructions – card games¬†

    A fun introduction to our new unit of work. Children have to reading and understand the instructions for three new…

  • KS2 Science Show

    Once again Adrian made science seem like magic! The children were enthralled during the show on solids, liquids and gases.…

    by Mrs Branston
  • Materials workshop

    This morning, Reception, year 1 and year 2 got to take part in a fantastic science workshop all about materials.…