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A special visitor in Elm Class

A special visitor in Elm Class
1st December 2017 Primrose Hill

Today we had a visit from Mr Settle who came to talk to us about life in Kenya. He works in a college as was lucky enough to visit Kenya to look at schools and hospitals there.

It was amazing listening to him. We learned about how the schools had no windows and only had a blackboard . He told us there were 40 children in each class and that some of the children came to school without shoes. He also told us that the hospitals are often in tents and that they have no electricity . We were all shocked because we have so much to be thankful for living in the UK. 

We were able to look at a map of Kenya and Mr Settle showed us the places that he visited including Mount Kenya ! We were thrilled to find out that he had also been lucky enough to visit a Game Reserve and he showed us some of the animals he saw whilst he was there . He told us about a cheeky monkey who stole his biscuits !

We had a lovely time and we all wanted to ask lots of questions . 

Thank you to Mr Settle for volunteering to speak to us today and we hope his college continue to raise money and support such an important cause .