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  • Hothersall 2016 – Hold tight! 

    Will they all return?!?      

    by Mrs Swinburn
  • Hothersall 2016 – Den Building

    Let the den building challenge commence! 😉                  

    by Mrs Swinburn
  • Hothersall – team building activities! 

    Can’t beat being outdoors!      

    by Mrs Swinburn
  • Hothersall 2016

    Unpacked, fed & ready for afternoon activities!    

    by Mrs Swinburn
  • Y4 – Sunny day at Cuerden Valley Country Park! 

    Y4 had a wonderful time at Cuerden Valley Country Park. The sun shone as we measured river flow, panned for…

    by Mrs Swinburn
  • Y4 – lots of fun at Mere Tun…Viking Invasion!

    Class 4 have had a brilliant day at Mere Tun. Dressed accordingly, they’ve battled, thatched, weaved & foraged – all…

    by Mrs Swinburn
  • Choir sing in The Ballroom at Blackpool Tower!

    A great day at Blackpool with our stunning school choir. A trip to the top & the dungeons followed by…

    by Mrs Swinburn
  • Boreatton Park Day 4 Photo #20

    Boreatton Park – Day 4

    I have just woken up 23 very sleepy children – you can tell it’s day 4!

    by Mrs Chapman
  • Boreatton Park Day 3 Photo #37

    Boreatton Park – Day 3

    The children all slept really well last night! I had the pleasure of waking 3 out of 4 rooms up…

    by Mrs Chapman
  • Boreatton Park Day 2 Photo #10

    Boreatton Park – Day 2

    Well, we’re all up and at them. Everyone is getting dressed ready to head for breakfast. We had a fairly…

    by Mrs Chapman