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  • Super sewing

    Here in year 6

    by Miss McKinley
  • Year 2 maths

    Year 2 have been developing their understanding of time. They have been recording how long it has taken them to…

    by Mrs Kanski
  • Rangoli patterns

    Year 2 have really enjoyed lots of activities during cultural week. They have been making Rangoli patterns using coloured rice,…

    by Mrs Kanski
  • Year 2 Outdoor and adventure

    Year 2 have been developing their map reading and orienteering skills. They have been following photographs to find clues around…

    by Mrs Kanski
  • Great guided reading

    We are happily reading an extract from a novel called FEAR. The extract is from the book called Huckleberry Finn…

    by Miss McKinley
  • Rangoli patterns

    As part of multi cultural week we have been learning about the Hindu festival of Diwali. We made a Rangoli…

    by Mrs Higson
  • Visiting the optician’s

    We all had our eyes tested by the school nurse so we talked about what happens at the optician’s. Some…

    by Mrs Higson
  • by Mr G Caunce
  • Reduce! Reuse! Recycle! Mantra of the day…

    Class 4 had a wonderful time visiting Global Renewables (Leyland) today! They were shocked & horrified at the amount of…

    by Mrs Swinburn
  • Year 4 – iPad Session – Science research!

    The Year 4 children have had great fun this afternoon, carrying out research about properties of materials, in preparation for…

    by Mrs Swinburn