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Year 1

  • Water safety swimming lesson

    This week’s swimming lesson was all about staying safe in the water as it is National a Drowning Prevention Week.…

  • A dragon in year 1!

    This morning the children were greeted with a strange sight. The mysterious egg, that appeared last week, had hatched and…

  • Cute ducklings!

    A big thank you to Mrs.Davies for bringing in her cute ducklings for the children to see. We found out…

    by Mrs Hacking
  • “Sports day” fun.

    We really enjoyed our sporty activities this morning. We did some bunny jumps over a bench, hurdles, bounce and catch…

    by Mrs Hacking
  • Fantastic trip to Farmer Parrs Animal World

    We all had a wonderful time today and the children behaved beautifully. We began the day by feeding the hens…

    by Mrs Hacking
  • Printing leaves

    Today Class 1 have been using leaves to create different prints. First they experimented with using leaves to print with…

  • Plant artwork¬†

    Year 1 have created some fantastic observational drawings of plants. Following on from our science topic we looked closely at…

  • Year 1 Road Safety

    Year 1 completed their final road safety session this week and learnt all about people who can help them cross…

  • Plant pictures

    Year 1 have been learning all about plants in science. To show they knew the different parts of a plant…

  • Assembly outside

    Our school hall was being used today for a writing workshop. Did that stop Mrs Bullock from doing her assembly…?…

    by Miss McKinley