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Year 3

  • Exploring printing

    A very messy and noisy lesson in Class 3 today! The children certainly enjoyed printing, especially with potatoes.

    by Mrs Branston
  • What did the Romans wear on their feet?

    Class 3 looked at a pair of replica Roman shoes and then worked in groups to make a pair to…

    by Mrs Branston
  • How do you put a toga on?

    Class 3 worked in groups using a diagram, a sheet, a pin and ribbon for a belt. They tried to…

    by Mrs Branston
  • A wonderful end to our Multicultural week!

    This morning our children had the opportunity to share this week’s learning with their parents during a super Assembly! They…

    by Mrs Swinburn
  • Henna hands!

    Class 3 enjoyed having the patterns on their hands. They thought they were clever and beautiful but didn’t like how…

    by Mrs Branston
  • Rangoon Patterns

    The children practised symmetrical patterns in coloured pencil then helped to make a class collage using different foodstuffs. The result…

    by Mrs Branston
  • Hindu Dancing

    Class 3 had a fantastic time learning two dances during cultural week. Their faces show they are enjoying it, they…

    by Mrs Branston
  • Solids, liquids and gases science show!

    We always enjoy our visits from Adrian Bowden and his specular science show.

    by Miss McKinley
  • year 3 Stone Age Cooking

    Year 3 children had a go at cooking over fire today. Looking at their faces they certainly enjoyed their toast…

    by Mrs Branston
  • Class 3 Stone Age Tools

    The children researched Stone Age tools and weapons using books, artefacts and websites. They then had a go at making…

    by Mrs Branston