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Elm Class visit the Star Dome

Elm Class visit the Star Dome
26th October 2017 Primrose Hill

Today we had an extremely exciting day when Mr Lunn brought his Star Dome to our school.  First Mr Lunn told us to crawl inside the star dome and some of us were a little scared but once we were inside we could see it was going to be brilliant !

We haven’t got many pictures to show you because it was very dark !! We could see lots of bright stars shimmering on the  roof of the dome, and Mr Lunn showed us constellations .  We all loved seeing the Big Bear, and we followed it as it moved around.  Mr Lunn told us on a clear night we could see it with our mums and dads.

We saw lots of planets and we had a quiz to guess the names of the planets.  We knew them all !!!


Mr Lunn talked to us about Tim Peake and we told him all about Helen Sharman !


As we were leaving Mr Lunn told us to watch out in our classroom, because the Big Bear might have been……


Oh no…..    he has messed up our classroom looking for food !


We had a great day and we can’t wait to do it again.

Primrose Hill