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Just Amazing…

Just Amazing…
28th June 2017 Mrs Swinburn

As the teacher of year four, it is safe to say I’m proud of my class day in day out. However, some days are just magical and they make me feel that I could burst with pride- today was one of those days. We took all thirty two children, thirty two brass instruments of various shapes and sizes to perform at Preston Guild Hall along with a full orchestra and many other schools.  We were invited to attend The Big Show by Lancashire Music Hub.

The children were impeccable, their behaviour and enthusiasm was second to none, I received many lovely comments from the leaders and staff about the participation and the manners our children demonstrated. While watching them perform, it was wonderful to see their confidence and enjoyment throughout.

Many thanks to staff who came with us and to family members who supported us so well. It was great to hear that you all enjoyed the event as much as we did. Thank you to each and every member of my class- you all were stars tonight!



Mrs Swinburn