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Mathematical maths

Mathematical maths
4th November 2014 Miss McKinley

Before half term year 5/6 sat a maths test.

Can you answer three maths questions from our test
(Caution!! No calculators allowed , or else!) out the number closest to 300
338, 3030, 288, 313, 130 ………….

2.Megan and Chen are washing cars.Megan gets £39 Chen gets £55.
They share what they get equally between them £………

3. A cake costs 15p more than a biscuit. Megan bought a cake and two
Biscuits for 90p.

How much do a cake an a biscuit each cost?

You will find the answers at the end.


In year 5 and 6 upper set maths group we have been doing sats test’s so we can find out where we sit in the future and which areas we need to work on. Also we have been learning how to chunk this is a good division method. We have done well in our test ; Mrs Chapman is over the moon!


Blogged by Corey, Josh and Thomas


Answers: 1. 288
2. £47
3 . A cake costs 40p and a biscuit costs 25p. 🙂

Miss McKinley