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Class News


  • The Electricity Journey

    Today year 6 began their science topic on circuits by learning how electricity finds its way into our homes (and…

    by Miss McKinley
  • La fête des Rois 

    Mrs Newsham has planned and organised a special French day to celebrate, ‘The festival of the Kings’ or Epiphnay. An…

  • Year4 are rather excited!

    What a lovely end to the Autumn term, today we moved into our new class room. The children were very…

  • Y6 Cuddly Toys

    Year 6 have been working hard over the last few weeks to design and make their own cuddly toys. They…

    by Miss McKinley
  • Lights, Camel, Action! It’s Strictly the Nativity. 

    The children look absolutely fantastic in their costumes for our Christmas play. We’re looking forward to the performances this week. 

  • Brass concert 

    Year 4 and the brass band have been practising hard to learn the their songs.      

  • Being Robots!

    We are learning about algorithms in Year 1 and to help us understand we have been taking turns being robots!…

    by Mrs Hacking
  • Sewing club – snowmen 

    We have been working on a textiles project for the last few weeks. The results are very cute and Christmassy. …

  • Being robots!

    In Computing, Ash Class have been learning all about algorithms. To practise giving clear and precise instructions the children worked…

  • Virtual Athletics Competition

    Yesterday year 6 took part in a virtual athletics competition in the school hall. Lots of enthusiasm and energy was…

    by Miss McKinley
  • Science in Class 4

    What a fun afternoon in our classroom. As part of our ‘Materials and their Properties’ work the children were challenged…

  • Year 3 Technology

    Year 3 investigated making stable structures in technology today. They had to make a structure that could stand up using…

    by Mrs Branston
  • Tudor Gargyoles 

    After our trip to Samlesbury Hall we decided to base our 3D modelling art on the fantastic Gargyoles we saw. …

  • Play scripts – dramatic conventions

    we are beginning a unit of work on drama – looking at acting techniques, play scripts, green screen, radio broadcasts…

  • Friction and shoes 

    I have asked Year 5 to investigate which shoe has the most friction and would be best in icy weather.…

  • Drawing Autumn leaves

    We had a wonderful afternoon looking closely at Autumn leaves and drawing them with lots of detail.                                      

    by Mrs Hacking
  • Gymnastics – week 2

    Continuing on from last week Year 5 are working hard to produce a perfect frown and rear support. They have…

  • Sketching leaves

    Today in Art the children learnt how to sketch and add detail to their drawings. We made use of all…

  • I spy phonics game

    For the last 2 weeks we have been learning all the ‘igh’ alternatives in phonics. On Friday we looked at…

  • Chocolate fractions!

    This week year 1 have been using chocolate to learn all about fractions. We had a selection of chocolate and…

  • Gymnastics

    Year 5 have been taught by Miss Dickson today. She works for Chorley Sports Partnership and has made it a…

  • Fraction Games 

    We are trying to remember our equivalent fractions, decimals and percentages.  Lots of great teamwork in Year 5 today!      …

  • Year 2 visit to Bury Transport Museum

    What a great day we had at Bury Transport Museum! We had a fantastic coach journey to the Museum in…

  • The Fire Brigade come to Year 2

    This week  we had a visit from the Fire Brigade who came to talk to us all about fire safety…

  • Forces carousel 

    Lots of practical science in year 5 today! Gravity, magnetism and air resistance.