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Class News


  • Year 3 Science

    Year 3 tested the different shapes and sizes of magnets to see which was the strongest. Would the biggest be…

    by Mrs Branston
  • Safer Internet Day

    Class 3 had a visit today from 2 experts in Internet safety. We learnt about mobile devices, using search engines…

    by Mrs Branston
  • Science – separating mixture 

    we have been sieving, filtering, using magnets and evaporating                        

  • Problem solving with capacity 

    Year 5 are looking for patterns when looking at the capacity of cuboids.                

  • Superhero dance

    Year four have been working on creating  a dance which reflects the emotions, actions and characteristics of different superheroes. We…

    by Mrs Swinburn
  • Poetry performance 

    This week year 1 have been looking at poetry, focusing on patterns and rhymes in them. We have all learnt…

  • Coding Club robotics 

    The last two sessions in Coding Club have involved robots! The groups had to program the raspberry pi’s to move…

  • Leyland Trucks

    An amazing time was had by everyone on our visit to the Leyland trucks factory floor. Mrs Swinburn now has…

    by Miss McKinley
  • New climbing frame

    Year6 had a great time on the new climbing frame that had been installed in the new hall.Year6 were on…

    by Miss McKinley
  • Maths – measures mm, cm, m

    Year 5 are measuring the length of different items. They can them convert them from one measure to another.     …

  • Circuits

    Today year 6 tried out different ways to make buzzers, bulbs and motors work – collaborating to find answers to…

    by Miss McKinley
  • BBC Terrific Science

    Live lesson about tasting and digestion – some groan jokes and some rather incredible facts made for an interesting change…

    by Miss McKinley
  • Live lesson 

    BBC live science lesson is happening now.  The children are so keen to be involved.            

  • Year 5 have taken part in a nation wide science research project.  They have coated their tongue with blue food…

  • Closest to 20,000

    What a competitive lot Year 5 are!  They have been playing to game to get an answer closest to 20,000…

  • Journalistic Writing – newspaper publishing 

    Year 5 are becoming budding journalists as they recount the story of Bess and The Highwayman. They are using publisher…

  • Year 3 Chester visit

    We had a very exciting time in Chester today. Firstly, the children enrolled in the Roman Army.          …

    by Mrs Branston
  • Taste Investigation

    Today year 6 found out whether they were a non-taster, a taster or a super taster. It turns out that…

    by Miss McKinley
  • Reading with expression and dramatic technique

    After days of hard work and effort, Year 5 are sharing their stories with a team of eager listeners. They…

  • Calling all factors – maths game 

    Year 5 have been challenged to find all the factors of numbers. If they find them all they win that…

  • Science – soluble and insoluble 

    Coffee, salt, chalk, sugar, flour, milk powder, sweetener…  Which dissolve and which do not?              

  • PE – dance 

    Year 5 are choreographing their own contempary dance to the poem we have been studying in English lessons. This has…

  • Jam Coding Club

    This week the Coding Club learnt to program raspberry pi’s.They had to connect them to the laptops and then wrote…

  • A busy few weeks in our new classroom!

    Ash Class have settled in well to their new classroom and have enjoyed using the new equipment. They have been…

  • Our new classroom

    Cedar class love the new classroom, they have settled well into the new routines and are enjoying learning in the…

    by Mrs Hacking