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Class News


  • Sketching leaves

    Today in Art the children learnt how to sketch and add detail to their drawings. We made use of all…

  • I spy phonics game

    For the last 2 weeks we have been learning all the ‘igh’ alternatives in phonics. On Friday we looked at…

  • Chocolate fractions!

    This week year 1 have been using chocolate to learn all about fractions. We had a selection of chocolate and…

  • Gymnastics

    Year 5 have been taught by Miss Dickson today. She works for Chorley Sports Partnership and has made it a…

  • Fraction Games 

    We are trying to remember our equivalent fractions, decimals and percentages.  Lots of great teamwork in Year 5 today!      …

  • Year 2 visit to Bury Transport Museum

    What a great day we had at Bury Transport Museum! We had a fantastic coach journey to the Museum in…

  • The Fire Brigade come to Year 2

    This week  we had a visit from the Fire Brigade who came to talk to us all about fire safety…

  • Forces carousel 

    Lots of practical science in year 5 today! Gravity, magnetism and air resistance.                     

  • Fractions in maths 

    We are getting to grips with fractions this week.           

  • Baking Tudor bread 

    As part of of our English unit on instruction writing, Year 5 children have been making bread dough. They really…

  • What does it say ?

    Today, some of year 6 did p.e – they had to make letters with their body and partners . Here…

    by Miss McKinley
  • Ancient Egypt Projects and Masks

    Year 6 produced some amazing models about ancient Egypt showing creativity and imagination – I learnt a lot from reading…

    by Miss McKinley
  • Amazing Animation in year 4!

    Year four have been learning how to animate using the app, ‘I can animate’. After learning how to capture images…

    by Mrs Swinburn
  • Trump has won!

    Year 5 have been following the election of Donald Trump as the 45th President of the USA. Donald Trump has…

  • Manchester Museum Extravaganza

    Today year 6 visited the Manchester Museum on a school trip to discover further information about ancient Egypt to build…

    by Miss McKinley
  • Popular poppy prints

    Class 5 have really enjoyed creating remberance poems and producing a printed poppy background.                      

  • Changing faces by Leon

    by Miss McKinley
  • Egyptian feast!

    Today Faith brought in her ancient Egyptian project – an Egyptian feast. It was greatly appreciated by children (and staff!).

    by Miss McKinley
  • Photography club 


    by Miss McKinley
  • Bonnie the epic Boston Terrier

    In photography club we learnt how to use ‘morfo’ -an epic app where you can change the appearance of photos.

    by Miss McKinley
  • Photography club

    ​ ​

    by Miss McKinley
  • Morfing in photography club by pierrot

    Me in demon modeWilliam in creepy mode

    by Miss McKinley
  • Dog days

    We played on Morfo in photography club and we turned the face of dogs into actual faces!

    by Miss McKinley
  • Scariest picure 

    by Miss McKinley
  • An other amazing day withe photography club

    An other amazing day with photography club

    by Miss McKinley