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Year 1 Class News


  • Using the ipads to produce our traditional stories.

    Class one are producing some excellent books and learning lots of new skills. Well done Year 1.

    by Mrs Hacking
  • Bird feeders around school

    Year 1 have been putting our spare feeders around school. Watch out for the birds.

    by Mrs Hacking
  • Making pine cone feeders ready for The Big Bird Watch homework

    Year one have enjoyed making feeders for the birds. We want to say a big thank you to Alfie for…

    by Mrs Hacking
  • Jam sandwiches

    We did have lots of fun following the instructions to make these! Yummy.

    by Mrs Hacking
  • Friendship bracelets

    Wow well done year 1. Some super bracelets been made for homework!

    by Mrs Hacking
  • Making Rudolph cakes

    We have been following instructions in year 1 and learning about materials. We have had fun measuring ingredients, identifying what…

    by Mrs Hacking
  • A wonderful end to our Multicultural week!

    This morning our children had the opportunity to share this week’s learning with their parents during a super Assembly! They…

    by Mrs Swinburn
  • Henna patterns

    We loved our henna patterns in year one.

    by Mrs Hacking
  • Where’s the party tonight?

    Year 1 have been learning a fantastic dance as part of our multicultural week. Watch out for a demonstration of…

    by Mrs Hacking
  • More colour mixing in Year 1

    Fantastic colour mixing again by Year1. The portraits are excellent. Well done Year 1.

    by Mrs Hacking
  • Keep Safe on Bonfire Night

    Read our helpful posters to stay safe tonight.

    by Mrs Hacking
  • 3D Models

    Thank you for all the recycled items. We are using them to make some amazing models, please come into class…

    by Mrs Hacking
  • Measuring capacity

    Today we have been measuring capacity using some appropriate mathematical language. We enjoyed measuring water and we didn’t get wet!

    by Mrs Hacking
  • Colour Mixing in Year 1

    Today we’ve been colour mixing for our portraits. We checked if we had made the right colours by looking at…

    by Mrs Hacking
  • Looking at patterns

    In Year 1 we have been looking at shapes and making our own patterns. The children could say what shapes…

    by Mrs Hacking
  • Year 1 writing algorithms

    In Year 1 we been writing instructions that a robot can follow. Today we took it in turns to be…

    by Mrs Hacking