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Year 6 Class News


  • Leavers’ Disco

    A fantastic time was had at the disco tonight – no sad faces just lots of smiles!

  • Kente Patterns

    Nearly the end of their time at Primrose Hill – some fantastic African art to finish the year with!

  • Chorley Magistrates’ Competition

    Three year 5/6s took part in the Chorley Magistrates’ Competition tonight. They were a credit to the school and really…

  • Dinosaur hunt!

    Yesterday year 6 went on a dinosaur hunt! The bones of 5 dinosaurs had been discovered in the grounds of…

  • Cooking Delight!

    This morning year 6 had the chance to make their own pizza – some children decided that meant it was…

  • Brass Concert

    This afternoon year 4 impressed their parents and the school with their skills on their brass instruments and with their…

  • Bikeability

    This afternoon year 6 ventured on to the road to see how safe they were.

  • Additional photos for Miss McKinley’s group at Boreatton Park

    Due to various reasons, a number of photos had not been posted on the website so…here are some of them!…

  • Bikeability

    Year 6 have been improving their cycle skills on the playground this morning after learning how to check their bike…

  • A Fantastic Response

    Parents and children have taken part with enthusiasm and donated generously at the year 6 summer fete – Sandcastles here…

  • Year 6 Summer Fete

    This morning has been a resounding success: much cake has been eaten, fortunes told, minds read, teddies won, goals scored,…

  • Science Show 

    Key Stage 2 have enjoy a wonderful science show with Adrian this afternoon.                          

  • Final morning at Boreatton!

    Aero Ball, Zip & Quad biking to finish off a fab weekend. Many of the children have overcome their fears,…

    by Mrs Kanski
  • On our way home…

    Amazing weekend, the stuff memories are made of! ❤️💛💚💙💜

    by Mrs Kanski
  • Super day for a super pupil!

    As year 6 were not in school for the celebration assembly, we thought we would have our own. Well done…

  • Enjoying the final dinner

  • Raft building pandemonium 

    All year 6 children on the water (or in!) with Mrs Swinburn and Mrs Swansbury is surely a recipe for…

  • Group 2 Trapeze artists

    Fear of heights – what fear of heights?  

  • Thank you Mrs Cocker!

    An amazing last night treat for everyone thanks to the generosity of Mrs Cocker.

  • Sunday Sensory Trail

    Some of the children have been testing their sensory skills this afternoon – trusting each other was imperative! 

    by Mrs Kanski
  • I’m Wet, Wet, Wet!

    Sunday at Boreatton is all about the wet stuff! Raft building this morning descended into splashing chaos with more of…

    by Mrs Kanski
  • Feeding time at Boreatton! 

    Children enjoying their evening meal – they’ve certainly burnt a few calories today! 

    by Mrs Kanski
  • Boreatton Park – Mrs Swansbury’s group conquer the GIANT Swing!

    The group had a great time this afternoon conquering their fears on the giant swing – there were tears, screams…

    by Mrs Kanski
  • Mrs Swinburn’s group Survivor skills! 

    Den building & fire starting! 

    by Mrs Kanski
  • Saturday Afternoon at Boreatton! 

    More Trapeze & Challenge Course this afternoon – so very proud of these children, really overcoming their fear of heights!…

    by Mrs Kanski