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Year 6 Class News


  • Coding Club robotics 

    The last two sessions in Coding Club have involved robots! The groups had to program the raspberry pi’s to move…

  • Leyland Trucks

    An amazing time was had by everyone on our visit to the Leyland trucks factory floor. Mrs Swinburn now has…

    by Miss McKinley
  • New climbing frame

    Year6 had a great time on the new climbing frame that had been installed in the new hall.Year6 were on…

    by Miss McKinley
  • Circuits

    Today year 6 tried out different ways to make buzzers, bulbs and motors work – collaborating to find answers to…

    by Miss McKinley
  • BBC Terrific Science

    Live lesson about tasting and digestion – some groan jokes and some rather incredible facts made for an interesting change…

    by Miss McKinley
  • Taste Investigation

    Today year 6 found out whether they were a non-taster, a taster or a super taster. It turns out that…

    by Miss McKinley
  • Jam Coding Club

    This week the Coding Club learnt to program raspberry pi’s.They had to connect them to the laptops and then wrote…

  • The Electricity Journey

    Today year 6 began their science topic on circuits by learning how electricity finds its way into our homes (and…

    by Miss McKinley
  • Y6 Cuddly Toys

    Year 6 have been working hard over the last few weeks to design and make their own cuddly toys. They…

    by Miss McKinley
  • Brass concert 

    Year 4 and the brass band have been practising hard to learn the their songs.      

  • Sewing club – snowmen 

    We have been working on a textiles project for the last few weeks. The results are very cute and Christmassy. …

  • Virtual Athletics Competition

    Yesterday year 6 took part in a virtual athletics competition in the school hall. Lots of enthusiasm and energy was…

    by Miss McKinley
  • What does it say ?

    Today, some of year 6 did p.e – they had to make letters with their body and partners . Here…

    by Miss McKinley
  • Ancient Egypt Projects and Masks

    Year 6 produced some amazing models about ancient Egypt showing creativity and imagination – I learnt a lot from reading…

    by Miss McKinley
  • Manchester Museum Extravaganza

    Today year 6 visited the Manchester Museum on a school trip to discover further information about ancient Egypt to build…

    by Miss McKinley
  • Changing faces by Leon

    by Miss McKinley
  • Egyptian feast!

    Today Faith brought in her ancient Egyptian project – an Egyptian feast. It was greatly appreciated by children (and staff!).

    by Miss McKinley
  • Photography club 


    by Miss McKinley
  • Bonnie the epic Boston Terrier

    In photography club we learnt how to use ‘morfo’ -an epic app where you can change the appearance of photos.

    by Miss McKinley
  • Photography club

    ​ ​

    by Miss McKinley
  • Morfing in photography club by pierrot

    Me in demon modeWilliam in creepy mode

    by Miss McKinley
  • Dog days

    We played on Morfo in photography club and we turned the face of dogs into actual faces!

    by Miss McKinley
  • Scariest picure 

    by Miss McKinley
  • An other amazing day withe photography club

    An other amazing day with photography club

    by Miss McKinley
  • Fraction Equivalence

    Today some of year 6 tried a fraction jigsaw, matching equivalent fractions including adding, subtracting and multiplying.

    by Miss McKinley