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Our Visit to the Hindu Temple, Preston

Our Visit to the Hindu Temple, Preston
21st June 2016 Cheryl Pearson

What a fantastic day class 2 had when we visited the beautiful Gujarat Hindu Temple in Preston. The visit was an amazing success , as we were greeted by the ringing of the bell and a welcome blessing  of a Tilak (red dot) from the Pujari.  

We had already removed our shoes as a sign of respect and we were allowed to look at the amazing Gods and Goddesses in the temple.  We saw Hanuman, Ganesh and Krisha as well as many other images of different Gods and Godesses on the ceiling. 

Our leader was able to explain about the Prasad food offered to the Gods and the blessing that is given to the food.

We also loved the meditation, a quiet time in the Temple Room when we said the sound Aum, which was followed by singing and playing musical instruments! What fun !

And we finished by trying some Prasad Sweets  – a real treat .