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Peace and tranquility

Peace and tranquility
9th May 2017 Mrs Swinburn

Today year four ventured north into the Lake District to visit a very special place, we went to Connishead Priory. This is the site of a Buddhist temple. We were welcomed and then taken into the grounds where the children were amazed at the shining symbols on the roof of the temple. 

When we were inside the children listened intently, asked some very pertinent questions and took part in a meditation. Gayle, our leader, was incredibly impressed with the children’s ability to focus and be still. Our classroom meditations definitely paid off. We then spoke to a nun who told us the significance of the clothes she wears. After lunch, we had a quick stroll through the grounds to take a group picture with a stunning back drop.

As ever, the children made me proud. Their behaviour, good manners and level of interest were admirable. Great job team! Many thanks to those who came with us.