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Science week

Science week
17th March 2016 Mrs Higson

For Science week we have been thinking a lot about Space. We talked about the astronaut, Tim Peake, and learned about the stars and planets. Here are some of the activities we have been doing.

We dressed up as astronauts and built our own rockets. 

 We tried picking up small pieces using tweezers while wearing ‘space gloves’. It was very tricky. Real astronauts have to have lots of practice. 

 Our science investigation was magnets. We investigated lots of different materials to find out which ones were magnetic and not magnetic. Then we made space robots with magnetic pieces. It was good to build them on the mirror because we were fascinated by their reflections.  

   We investigated ‘moon rocks’ to find the heavy ones and the light ones. Then we weighed them on the scales. We did lots of counting, adding and taking away too.