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Where would you explore ? Elm Class history work this term

Where would you explore ? Elm Class history work this term
18th October 2017 Primrose Hill

What a great unit this has been. Elm Class have been learning about some great explorers from history .  

We all enjoyed learning about Christopher Columbus and his adventures when he was the first person in Europe to land in the Americas.   We learned that he sailed on the Santa Maria and Landed on San Salvador.  

But Columbus wasn’t our favourite explorer . The whole Class loved researching Neil Armstrong’s trip to land on the  moon.  We discroved that his moon buggy is still there and that if we visited , we could still see his footprints today.

Don’t worry this isn’t really Neil Armstrong’s spacesuit . It is just pretend ! 

Miss Pearson taught us about Helen Sharman who was the first British person to go into space, and we loved finding out about how Helen had to learn to speak Russian because she went to the Mir Space Station .
Our reading corner is now overflowing with books about space and explorers ! We might even try to write some books ourselves .